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Brewer UV Systems
UV systems
Brewer UV Systems
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With our variety of field-proven designs, several thousand installations, and thousands of lamp housings supplied since 1972, there is no need to look any further - we have the UV answers for your exact needs. You can be assured with complete confidence that Brewer UV Systems supports you and even competitive products for the lifetime of your installation.


We follow through with parts, service, advice, training, and when requested, factory installation. We supply the most thorough operations manual in the industry with original equipment drawings, and we maintain customer production records back to our initial products.


World Class Excellence in the Science of UV Curing Since 1972.

We helped start UV Curing.

About UV Curing and Energy

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      JBL, Wire Transfers

Why Brewer UV Systems?

When he burst upon the scene at the NAPL show in New York during 1973, Jim Brewer created something special for the printing industry...

Order UV Lamps & Reflectors for all UV Systems

Supplies, parts, and accessories for all brands and types of UV curing equipment.

Parts, Support & Service

We have been supporting our systems for over 40 years. We built it to last...

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